The Hallelujahs

Seldon Pass View

“It’s a Hallelujah Chorus moment … you can’t help but stand in awe and reverence.”  Doris

We were coming out of Muir Trail Ranch and climbing our way up to Seldon Pass … as we passed over the top we were overwhelmed with the view of Marie Lake and valley below us.  It was a Hallelujah moment … we have seen so many beautiful places on the trail, and on the top of each pass we take in breathtaking views that blow the mind … yet, this one took both of us by surprise.  It is one of those defining moments that we will always treasure.

Passing over Seldon Pass and Silver Pass brought us to Red’s Meadow, one of our options for an early exit if we got behind schedule.  We arrived on Tuesday, Sept 24, right on schedule.  It was a welcome relief to get a shower and launder our clothes.  We opted to get a backpacker cabin … a rustic little place that provided a room and a bunk-bed with heat and electricity.  Washrooms facilities were a few hundred yards away but we welcomed the convenience of not having to set up and take down camp for one night.  We ate supper (a burger of course) and breakfast (bacon and eggs) … the fare was not so favorable for Doris.


We were feeling quite accomplished by our journey thus far and we wanted to exit a little sooner before heading home so we discussed ending our trip at Red’s Meadow.


Not gonna’ happen.

We were feeling quite rejuvenated and agreed to try to cover the last 36 miles in 2 days instead of 3.  Our longest day so far had been 14 miles … we needed to do at least 18 miles per day for two days in a row.  At 2 miles per hour on average it looked like 9 hours of hiking per day.

Life lesson: When you are feeling like it’s good enough … have a burger, bacon and eggs and you’ll go further.  Not quite a Hallelujah moment …






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This blog is written to be a kind of virtual trail guide to those who are already into hiking and trekking .... and an inspiration to those who are just beginning to contemplate extended hikes/backpack trips. Hiking is AWESOME!

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